The People's Opioid Summit

October 9, 2020 | Nationwide

A gathering of the people, by the people, and for the people affected by opioid addiction.

In light of COVID-19 Regulations, the People’s Opioid Summit will take place as a virtual, nationwide event.

Overcoming Stigma
Inspiring Hope
Saving Lives

In Crisis RIGHT NOW?

Has your life or that of a family member been torn apart by opioid addiction?

Have you been struggling to find solutions to help and care for someone suffering from Opioid Use Disorder?

Do you feel alone?

Are you looking for help and resources to reclaim your life?

Come out of the shadows and join us for a day of loving acceptance and support.

  • Hear from people who can help make sense of what you are going through.
  • Learn about the resources available to you right in your community.
  • Talk to people who have been through the same nightmare.
  • Get answers to your most pressing and urgent problems.
  • Get the resources you need.
Overcoming Stigma

Accepting, Supporting, and Helping those with Opioid Use Disorder

Inspiring Hope

For those addicted and those who love them

Saving Lives

Providing Life-Saving Information, as well as Supplies


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Speakers & Presentation Leaders

You have questions about how to handle Opioid addiction. Hear from Physicians, Authors, Athletes, and more about the impact of Opioid Use Disorder throughout our communities. You'll also hear stories like yours and be exposed to experts and organizations with answers and solutions.

Steven Mange

Keynote Speaker - An update on efforts to address the opioid epidemic in North Carolina

Senior Policy & Strategy Council Director at the North Carolina Department of Justice

Shane Willis

Featured Speaker - An Athlete's Outlook: The Pressure To Perform

Manager of Youth & Amateur Hockey at Carolina Hurricanes


Featured Speaker - My Story of Addiction - From Sex Work to Fulfilling Recovery

UNC IPRC - Rural Outreach & Networking Coordinator - Peer to Peer Project

Aysel Atli, MD, MPH

Speaker - If not opioids, then what for pain?

Triangle Pain Consultants - Founder, Pain Specialist

Dr. Jamila Battle

Speaker - How Adverse Childhood Experience Affects Substance Abuse and Recovery

Carolina Performance - Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician

Jesse Bennett, MSW, LCAS

Featured Speaker - How to Respect an Addict

NC Harm Reduction Coalition - Harm Reduction Programs Manager

Dr. Robert Bruck

Speaker - CBD & CBG from Hemp - The Therapeutic of the Future

Hempire Capital, Inc. - President of Research And Development

Joshua Dittmer, MD

Speaker - Addressing the Trauma Beneath Addiction

Carolina Performance - Addiction & General Psychiatrist

Nora Henderson

Speaker - Neurofeedback & Holistic Opioid Addiction Help

Brain Fitness Specialists of America - Director of Operations

Smythe Hoover

Speaker - The impact of addiction, overdose, death, and grief on a teenager

Lost his Brother to Opioids

Stephanie Hoover, CHC, CRC

Speaker - Caregivers Find Their Boundaries to Talk - Removing their Stigma to Feel

FirstHealth of the Carolinas - Peer Coordinator

Amanda J. Isac, PharmD, MPH

Speaker - Prescribing Medications: Ask A Pharmacist

NC Division of Public Health, Health Park Pharmacy - Pharmacist

Aynisa Leonardo

Speaker - Understanding Addiction Trends with Veterans

Long Island Center for Recovery - Director of Training, Education, and First Responder Services

Michael Lewis - CFA, MBA

Speaker - Bridging the Gap Between Sober Life and Sober Living

Tutor Financial Advisors, LLC - Founder, CFA, MBA

Nancy Loeffler

Speaker - How to Grieve the Physical and Emotional Losses Associated with Opioid Use

Being with Grief - Founder

Donald McDonald

Speaker - Language Matters: Addressing SUD Stigma - Behavioral Health Recovery Consultant

Dr. Eric Morse

Speaker - Recognizing Opioid Use in a Friend or Family Member

Carolina Performance - Addiction & Sports Psychiatrist

Flo Moses

Speaker - The Role of Physical Therapy in Managing Pain

Sports & More Physical Therapy, Inc - Physical Therapist, Co-Owner

Debbie Orol, RN

Speaker - Natural Solutions to Pain Management For Recovery and Selfcare

Holistic Health Coach

Dr. Monique Santoro

Speaker - Chinese Medicine & The Opioid Epidemic

Center for Chiropractic & Wellness - LAc

Marilyn Shannon

Presentation Leader - Panel Discussion

Carolina Performance - Speaker, Author, Life/Business Coach

Manny Shelton

Speaker - From the Darkness to the Light

JoCo Angels - Member

The People’s Opioid Summit Coronavirus Considerations

While we are in the midst of a pandemic, we cannot ignore the impact of other public health crises such as opioid addiction. Our organizing team considered postponing the People’s Opioid Summit event in order to have it in-person at a later date. However, with the numbers of opioid-related deaths rising even more dramatically, we felt that we could not wait. As a result, we are working diligently to transition our event to one that can be participated in virtually. In addition to our exceptional lineup of speakers and presenters, we will still provide all of the information, support, and resources we had envisioned having at our on-site event. We strongly encourage your participation and consider inviting loved ones to join you in this new environment. If you have any questions about the capabilities and processes of this revised event, please contact us.