2021 Continuing Education Credits

The People’s Opioid Summit is meant for EVERYONE. For our attendees who utilize continuing education credits professionally, the 2021 summit has been awarded up to 12 hours of CEU credit. SS & GSB hours are available based on sessions attended.

Here is a breakdown of the hours for each session:

Wednesday 10/6 
Prenatal & Women’s Care (1.5 hours SS)
Equity in Substance Use Disorder Treatment (1.5 hours SS)
Expanding Access to Naloxone in North Carolina (.75 hours SS)
NAMI In Our Own Voice: From Honor Roll to Heroin (.75 hours SS)
Keynote Presentation: Impact of Opioid Misuse in NC & $750 million settlement plans (.25 hours SS)
Message from TPOS Chair Marilyn Shannon (.25 hours SS)
Supporting Our Students: Understanding The In and Out of Collegiate Recovery (1 hour SS)
Creativity & Recovery (.5 hours SS)
What Does the Rapid Response Team Do? (.5 hours SS)
You Can’t Tell A Book By Its Cover – A Former Sex Workers Why (.5 hours GSB)
How the U.S. Attorney’s Office is working to combat the opioid epidemic that is here in North Carolina and across the country – (.25 hours SS)
Community Mental Health Services through EasterSeals UCP of NC&VA (1 hour SS)
Sunrise Panel (.5 hours GSB) There were no names listed, nothing on the speaker list, etc. to show SUD topics being covered.
Talk It Out NC (1 hour SS)
NIH HEAL Initiative: Tackling the Opioid Crisis through Science and Community – (1 hour SS)
Come Together, Right Now – (.5 hours SS)
We Are The Answer To Ending America’s Addiction Crisis (.75 hours SS)
Thursday 10/7/21
JoCo Angels – Serving the Addiction Community in Johnston County (1 hour SS)
Starting where the client is: Harm reduction guidelines for clinical practice in the addictions (1 hour SS)
Human Resources and Addiction: Supporting Employees and Organizations with Compassion (1 hour SS)
Legislative Updates (1 hour SS)
Perception Training (1 hours GSB) There was no course description and nothing in the presenters’ bios indicating SUD knowledge, history, etc.
The USA Flip to the Portugal Model & Fentanyl Poisoning – (1.5 hours SS)
More Than Naloxone: How Harm Reduction Philosophy Can (and should) Guide Work with PWUD – (.5 hours SS)
Panel Discussion: Financial, Legal & Insurance Impacts of having a loved one with addictive behaviors (1 hour SS)
Poly Substance Use (1 hour SS)
Recovery High Schools Should be EVERYWHERE – (1 hour SS)
How to Motivate your Loved One into Treatment (1 hour SS)
Homicide & Grief (.75 hours GSB)
Social Media Access to Substances (.75 hours SS)
Self Medication Trends and Addiction (.75 hours SS)
Wrapping Up (.5 hour SS)