2021 People's Opioid Summit Speakers

Information, Inspiration & Ideas from a variety of Industries

Professionals from many fields will share information regarding how the epidemic has impacted and influenced their work. Medical Professionals, Politicians, Therapists, Policy Makers, and more are invited to present.


Marilyn Shannon

People's Opioid Summit Chair - Author, Life Coach, Advocate


Josh Stein

Attorney General - NC Dept. of Justice

Ryan Hampton

Organizing Director at Recovery Advocacy Project

Shane Willis

Manager of Youth and Amateur Hockey at Carolina Hurricanes

Adria Gross

CEO at MedWise Insurance Advocacy

Amelia Lower, MEd, LCMHC, NCC

Program Manager at ESUCP

Chase Campbell

NC Admissions Director at Hope Center Ministries

Dan Scneider

Founder at Tunnel of Hope

Elisabeth Johnson, FNP, PhD

Assistant Professor at UNC Horizons

Erin Day

Chief Operations Officer at Community Impact North Carolina (CINC)

Hendrée E. Jones, PhD

Executive Director at UNC Horizons

JoCo Angels - Serving the Addiction Community in Johnston County

Mary Ferreri

Executive Director at Emerald School of Excellence

Rodney Poole

Program Coordinator at Talk it Out NC

Shuchin Shukla

Shuchin Shukla, MD, MPH

Opioid Crisis Educator and Faculty Physician at Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) Family Residency Program

Alan Walder

Certified Peer Supporter at Peers for Change

Aynisa Leonardo

Director of Training and Education at Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research

Colin Miller

Co-Founder at Twin City Harm Reduction Collective and Harm Reduction Coordinator at NC DHHS, Division of Public Health, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

Donald McDonald, MSW, LCAS

Chief Recovery Officer

Elizabeth Ureña Butler

Employment Team Manager at StepUp Durham

Erin Edgar

Attorney at The Law Office of Erin Baker Edgar

Holly Carter

Grant Coordinator at Community Impact North Carolina (CINC)

John Shinholser

President and Co-founder of The McShin Foundation

Michael Lewis - CFA, MBA

Principal at Tutor Financial Advisors

Romie & Gregory Nottage

Senior Director & Social Innovation, Executive Director at Streets Team Enterprises

Teri Harrell

VP, People Experience at e-Emphasys

Amanda Isac, PharmD, MPH

Pharmacist at NC Division of Public Health

Carol Egan

Chair of The Global Recovery Movement

Courtni Wright

Rapid Responder Team Lead, CPSS at Healing Transitions

Doug Green

Eastern Regional Director of Community Support at Community Impact North Carolina (CINC)

Eric Morse, MD

President at Morse Clinics and Carolina Performance

Freida MacDonald

Founder of Know Hope North Carolina

J.D. Koesters

Assistant United States Attorney at United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina

Kathleen O'Grady, MCC, CALC

Founder & CEO at Raleigh Coaching

Nicole Singletary

Drug and Injury Prevention Manager at Wake County / Rapid Responder PORT Program

Scott Bass, MS, MDiv, LMFT

Director of Homicide Support Services at North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN)

Anna Godwin

Chief Executive Officer at Community Impact North Carolina (CINC)

Carl Seashore, MD

Professor at UNC Horizons

DeAnna Brooks, YT, MBA

Co-Founder and President at Mecca-Mann Mission, Inc.

Elizabeth Gaylord, LPA, LCAS, CCS

Program Manager at ESUCP

Erin Bahadur


Gina Musa, CPSS, CARC

Rural Linkage and Networking Coordinator at UNC Injury Prevention Research Center (IPRC)

Jeff Strickland

Public Affairs Director at The North Carolina ABC Commission

Kristina Canfield

Membership & Programs Manager at Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE)

Rebecca Baker, PhD

Director at NIH HEAL Initiative

Sheila Vakharia, PhD MSW

Deputy Director, Department of Research & Academic Engagement at Drug Policy Alliance

Windi White

Director of Development at Healing Transitions