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We are all aware of the devastating statistics …

Here in North Carolina alone, over 2,000 residents die of an Opioid overdose each year. Thousands more are in the unyielding grip of Opioid use disorder and addiction. 41 of our 100 counties are identified as High Risk For Opioid Use Disorder. Opioid-related overdose deaths have doubled within the past 10 years.

Even more devastating are the sad stories …

The Opioid epidemic is now so widespread that it touches every community. No neighborhood, socioeconomic group, age range, ethnic group, school district, or large organization has been unaffected. People whose lives hold such promise struggle to break free from Opioids’ relentless hold. Far too many fail, despite their best efforts. Most Opioid overdose victims leave behind countless loved ones, whose lives are permanently damaged by this unbearable loss.


The American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness®, its tenants, and other concerned organizations such as our nonprofit partner, Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC), are pulling together to provide awareness, advice, information, and inspiration for the people of North Carolina and beyond. This coalition is dedicated to addressing the stigma by helping our participants get beyond the fear to help to save a life.

The People’s Opioid Summit brings together Opioid Use Disorder subject matter experts of all types. We will provide attendees with the all-encompassing resources they need, regardless of how this epidemic is impacting their lives and their loved ones.

We envision bringing this expertise to the individuals, families, and professional communities that need it most. This is truly a people’s summit, designed to get information and solutions into the hands of everyday citizens affected most by this crisis.


The People’s Opioid Summit will take place Tuesday, October 5 – Thursday, October 7, 2021 online.

Attendees will be able to participate remotely, by logging in to view workshops, panels, breakout sessions, and keynote speakers throughout the day, or after the event. Participants will also have access to resource materials distributed during the summit, as well as to extensive additional information from the Summit website.

The overarching vision of the People’s Opioid Summit is to provide an ongoing service.  More than a 3-day activity, we envision the People’s Opioid Summit as a meaningful resource that will make a significant difference in the lives of the people we serve for an extended period of time.


At this time, we are in the process of finalizing our schedule and speaker lineup. Planned sessions and activities include:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Specialized Informational tracks for:
    • HR Professionals
    • Students
  • Personal Stories
  • Panel Discussions
  • Networking Opportunities for Sponsors, Vendors, Speakers, and Attendees
  • Artistic & Creative Celebrations of Recovery, Memory, and more


AIHF is an innovative total health and well-being facility that incorporates a full array of state-of-the-art medical care, exercise, wellness, and counseling services. Over 25 service providers are based on the AIHF premises, some are individual-owned physician groups, some independent, and some are aligned with hospital networks. Together AIHF is Leading Providers offering Innovative Approaches and Personalized Care all under one roof. AIHF has over 180,000 square feet on a 16.5-acre campus, with ample parking and numerous gathering areas and conference rooms, which will be utilized throughout the programs on October 5-7th.

For our 2020 People’s Opioid Summit, AIHF served as a key headquarters for the event, hosting many of our speakers, panelists, technical support, and streaming operations. We foresee it serving as our base of operations once again in 2021 for our virtual event.



Sunrise Community for Recovery & Wellness provides a number of services and programs for people affected by substance use and mental health challenges. Its mission is to empower individuals and the community to manage and overcome these challenges.

As the first peer-staffed and managed organization in Western North Carolina to service those in recovery from mental health and substance abuse challenges, Sunrise helps people discover and navigate the recovery pathway that best serves them.




The People’s Opioid Summit is committed to providing valuable information and solutions for citizens affected by the current Opioid epidemic. We welcome the opportunity for subject matter experts and solutions providers to be active participants in our mission. In addition to involvement in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops, numerous sponsorship opportunities are available. We offer Platinum, Gold & Silver tiers, plus vendor participation.



Our sponsors will receive prominent logo and information placement during the event. Sponsors and vendors will also be permitted to be present in our vendor space and receive complimentary access codes to the summit event.



Sponsors will be mentioned at every event activity (keynote address, workshops, panels, breakout sessions, etc.) at varying levels of frequency, based on their sponsorship tier. Platinum and Gold Level sponsors can also make presentations in learning sessions during the day.



Our comprehensive website www.PeoplesOpioidSummit.com provides information about the event, including featured speakers & topics and participating sponsors. The site will be an ever-expanding resource center for attendees and the general public. Our Sponsors will receive prominent logo placement on the website and will also have dedicated content on the site that provides information about the organization and the role it is playing in meeting the challenges of the Opioid epidemic.

We have also established a social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Our Primary Sponsor will be featured in posts a minimum of 3 times per month. Participating organizations, and AIHF, will also be provided content about our Primary Sponsor that they can post on their social media and websites. Sponsors at other participation levels will also be the subject of regular social media posts and shared content.



We’ve allocated marketing funds to promote the event, utilizing over the air television, cable television, Google & Facebook advertising. We will also be distributing hundreds of printed and virtual flyers and posters to businesses in the Raleigh area. Our sponsors will receive placement in advertising undertaken for the People’s Opioid Summit, with frequency and prominence based on their sponsorship tier.



All event attendees will receive an extensive Resource Manual, filled with a great deal of editorial content and resource information.  Our sponsors will receive advertisements and additional mentions throughout the document, with prominence based on sponsorship tier.



Every participant will have access to video presentations in real-time and in archived forms. Our Platinum Sponsors will be mentioned by name at the outset of each presentation. Sponsors of all levels will receive a degree of visibility in video content based on their sponsorship tier.



As a participating sponsor in the People’s Opioid Summit, your organization will receive the substantial recognition you deserve for helping our organizations provide life-changing – at times life-saving – information for our participants. With the participation of dedicated companies like yours, we have the collective ability to address the Opioid Use Disorder challenges facing our society, and to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.



Please review the information about our sponsorship tiers below, and select the package that is the best fit for your organization. If you have questions about our event or any of our sponsorship components, please be sure to ask your summit contact, or email us at Info@PeoplesOpioidSummit.com.

Your participation in the summit is considered official upon receipt of your sponsorship payment. Checks may be made payable to the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness. Please note “People’s Opioid Summit Sponsorship” in your memo field. For alternative payment options, please contact us via email. Once you have been approved as a sponsor, we request that you send us an email including your logo, company description, and website and social media links.




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Sponsorship Interest Form

As a Sponsor, you will be listed in the program and on this website. We will need your Logo (at least 600×400 pixels or large file we can edit).

All Sponsors will be included with a brief profile on the official summit website. We will contact you for this content at a later date. If your sponsorship needs don’t fit with any of our set tiers, please contact us to discuss specific alternatives.

Please remit the payment for your selected sponsorship tier (Check or agreed upon method) with your application. Please make check payable to Health Park Partners and send to:

Health Park Partners
Attn: Peoples Opioid Summit
8300 Health Park – Suite 217
Raleigh NC 27615

We appreciate your interest in being a part of this great opportunity to support our community!

Valued Sponsors

In light of COVID-19 Regulations, the People’s Opioid Summit will take place as a virtual, nationwide event.