About the People's Opioid Summit

The People’s Opioid Summit – A real-time, virtual gathering of the people, by the people, and for the people addicted to opioids and their loved ones 

Has your life or the life of a loved one been torn apart by opioid addiction? Come out of the shadows and join caring experts and people that have lived with the stigma for a day of loving acceptance and support, all from the comfort of your home.

• Hear from people who can help make sense of what you are going through.
• Learn about the resources available to you right in your community.
• Talk to people who have been through the same nightmare.
• Get answers to your most pressing and urgent problems.
• Get the resources you need.

The People’s Opioid Summit –Bringing Together Innovative Providers and Those in Need

American Institute of Healthcare and Fitness LogoThe Presenting Partner of The People’s Opioid Summit is the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness® (AIHF). This revolutionary facility brings together health and wellness providers who can meet many of the needs of those suffering from opioid use disorder and their loved ones. With tenants able to provide counseling, alternative medicine, and pain management, as well as general health practices for dentistry, chiropractic, and more, we invite you to learn more about AIHF and other sponsors!

The People’s Opioid Summit – a judgment-free zone full of information. resources and people who can help.

We understand that when dealing with opioid addiction, you have many needs. At The People’s Opioid Summit, we will have representatives from a variety of service groups who share our goal of welcoming you and helping you. We have people from:

• The Legal community
• North Carolina state government
• Insurance providers
• Emergency departments
• Police department
• Community Support Groups
• Medical and health experts
• Mental health programs
• Residential and long-term programs

This is truly a people’s summit, designed to get information and solutions into the hands of everyday citizens affected most by this crisis. We envision bringing this expertise to YOU the individuals, families, and professional communities that need it most.

The People’s Opioid Summit – your place for love, comfort, and answers.

Whether you’re primarily seeking support as you battle opioid addiction for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, or you’re seeking tactical, practical solutions, The People’s Opioid Summit is here for you. In addition to the presentations and vendor information on October 9th, purchase of your ticket will provide you access to the resources on this website, recordings of presentations, vendor and sponsor information, and much more, long after the day of the summit.

If you have any questions regarding The People’s Opioid Summit or would like to get involved, please contact us.


The People’s Opioid Summit Coronavirus Considerations

While we are in the midst of a pandemic, we cannot ignore the impact of other public health crises such as opioid addiction. Our organizing team considered postponing the People’s Opioid Summit event in order to have it in-person at a later date. However, with the numbers of opioid-related deaths rising even more dramatically, we felt that we could not wait. As a result, we are working diligently to transition our event to one that can be participated in virtually. In addition to our exceptional lineup of speakers and presenters, we will still provide all of the information, support, and resources we had envisioned having at our on-site event. We strongly encourage your participation and consider inviting loved ones to join you in this new environment. If you have any questions about the capabilities and processes of this revised event, please contact us.

Summit Hosting Platform

The People’s Opioid Summit is very proud and excited to take place as a virtual event this year through the innovative online event platform, hopin. This decision was made with the goal of providing the best possible experience for attendees, vendors, sponsors, and speakers. With distinct areas for the main stage, vendor booths, breakout rooms, and more, all participants should be able to easily navigate to their desired presentations throughout the day. There will also be many opportunities for attendees to interact with each other, our vendors, sponsors, speakers, and more. As more specific information is available, we will send updates to registered attendees. If you have not registered for the event, you may do so here.

If you have any questions about the summit or the logistics of its virtual nature, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Inspired Speakers & Presenters

From the medical, political, legal fields, those living with addiction, family members, and much more!
Steve Mange NC DOJ Headshot

Steven Mange

Keynote Speaker - An update on efforts to address the opioid epidemic in North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Justice - Senior Policy & Strategy Counsel

Shane Willis Headshot

Shane Willis

Featured Speaker - An Athlete's Outlook: The Pressure To Perform

Manager of Youth & Amateur Hockey at Carolina Hurricanes

Dr. Jamila Battle

Speaker - How Adverse Childhood Experience Affects Substance Abuse and Recovery

Carolina Performance - Family/Sleep/Addiction Medicine Physician

Jesse Bennett - MSW, LCAS

Speaker - How to Respect an Addict

NC Harm Reduction Coalition - Harm Reduction Programs Manager

Michael Lewis – CFA, MBA

Speaker - Bridging the Gap Between Sober Life and Sober Living

CFA, MBA - Founder Tutor Financial Advisors, LLC

Joshua Dittmer, MD

Speaker - Addressing the Trauma Beneath Addiction

Carolina Performance - Addiction & General Psychiatrist

Nora Henderson

Speaker - Neurofeedback & Holistic Opioid Addiction Help

Brain Fitness Specialists of America - Director of Operations

Dr. Eric Morse

Speaker - Recognizing Opioid Use in a Friend or Family Member

Carolina Performance - Addiction & Sports Psychiatrist

Gina Musa, NCCpSS, CARC

Speaker - My Story of Addiction - From Sex Work to Fulfilling Recovery

UNC IPRC - Rural Outreach & Networking Coordinator - Peer to Peer Project

Dr. Monique Santoro Headshot

Dr. Monique Santoro

Speaker - The Role of Chinese Medicine in Combating Addiction & The Opioid Epidemic

Center for Chiropractic & Wellness -LAc/ Chinese Medicine Doctor

Marilyn Shannon Headshot

Marilyn Shannon

Presentation Leader - Panel Discussion

Carolina Performance - Speaker, Author, Life/Business Coach

The Impact of Opioids

Far too many lives have been destroyed by opioids.

NC Deaths Caused by Opioids 1999-2017


US Opioid Deaths 1999 - 2019

In light of COVID-19 Regulations, the People’s Opioid Summit will take place as a virtual, nationwide event.