The People's Opioid Summit Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change

Time Session Speakers Duration Type of Presentation Hopin Location
8:00 Registration – Logging In 20 min Various
8:20 Welcome Message Marilyn Shannon 10 min Main Stage
8:30 An Athlete’s Outlook: The Pressure to Perform Shane Willis 45 min Featured Main Stage
9:15 Holistic Breakout Discussion Nora Henderson | Dr. Monique Santoro | Debbie Orol, RN 1 hour Breakout Sessions
9:15 Medical Alternatives Breakout Discussion Aysel Atli, MD, MPH | Dr. Robert Bruck | Flo Moses, PT 1 hour Breakout Sessions
10:15 Break – Vendor & Sponsor Exploration 40 min Expo
10:55 Panel – Survivors, Living with Addiction, Support People Facilitator: Marilyn Shannon – Niki, Stan, Tim, Tonya 1 hour Breakout – Panel Sessions
10:55 Panel – Building a Community JoCo Angels Board: Roxie, Eddie, Kelley, Phyllis, Danette, Clay, Rhonda 1 hour Breakout – Panel Sessions
10:55 Impact on Young People Manny Shelton | Smythe Hoover 1 hour Breakout Sessions
11:55 Message from Lead Sponsor 15 min Main Stage
12:10 Lunch Break & Expo Exploration 45 min Various
12:55 Resetting 10 min Main Stage
1:05 Keynote Presentation: An Update on Efforts to Address the Opioid Epidemic in North Carolina – Steve Mange Steve Mange, NC DOJ 45 min Keynote Main Stage
1:50 Trauma Breakout Discussion Aynisa Leonardo | Dr. Jamila Battle | Joshua Dittmer M.D. 1 hour Breakout Sessions
1:50 Recognizing Opioid Use Breakout Dr. Eric Morse 1 hour Breakout Sessions
1:50 Self-Care & Caregiving Breakout Nancy Loeffler | Amber Vreeland | Stephanie Hoover, CHC, CRC 1 hour Breakout Sessions
2:50 Break – Vendor & Sponsor Exploration 25 min Expo
3:15 Overdose Response Breakout PORT Team 1 hour Breakout Sessions
3:15 Practical Information Breakout (Insurance, Finances, Language) Carlyle Johnson, Ph.D. | Michael Lewis, CFA, MBA | Donald McDonald 1 hour Breakout Sessions
3:15 Ask A Pharmacist Amanda J. Isac, PharmD, MPH 1 hour Breakout Sessions
4:15 My Story of Addiction – Sex Work to Fulfilling Recovery Gina Musa, NCCPSS, CARC 45 min Featured Main Stage
5:00 Closing Remarks Marilyn Shannon Main Stage