Panel Discussion featuring Survivors, those Living with Addiction, and Support People

While the statistics regarding the Opioid Epidemic make a massive statement, the stories of those who have overcome addiction or lost someone to it are pivotal to increasing our understanding of this disease. We invite you to hear from people who have been directly impacted by the Opioid Epidemic in some way. We hope that you will see parts of your story in theirs and that they will be able to share their experiences and what they have learned to help our attendees.

Meet the Panelists

Stan Beacham

Lost his mother and two brothers to alcohol and drug addiction

Timothy Marini

In long-term recovery - Substance free since 2017!

Niki Norlock

Began her journey with opioids at 13, as an adult has weaned herself off through traditional medical care and unconventional means

Tonya Stockton

Lost her elder son to Opioid Addiction, younger son is in recovery